To protect
and surf

THE COPS are a morally corrupt SURF trio determined to shut down your party. They have infiltrated the Dutch underground for decades in acts such as The Unborn, Angstgegner, Otis and Beyond Lickin'.

Their current Dick Dale worship will easily work anywhere from a punk show to a sixties party. Their first effort is a vinyl 7" entitled CRIME WAVE which is out now via Black Death Records. The Cops are currently doing their first shows. Surf's up!


18 JUL 21Blommenkinders Festival
Roosendaal NL

7 MAR 20Sofie & Olaf's Wedding
Roosendaal NL
 private party
7 NOV 19Kroepoekfabriek
Vlaardingen NL
+ Powersoloevent
1 NOV 19Jaxx
Roosendaal NL
+ The Wild Centuryevent
27 SEP 19De Burcht
Roosendaal NL
 private party